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Antigone vs. Creon

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Feminism/Is Antigone A Feminist Or Anti-Feminist Play? term paper 7500

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Antigone vs. Ismene

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Sophocles play Antigone dramatises the conflict between claims of state and the duty felt towards family, by pitting the play’s central characters Antigone and Creon against one another with tragic consequences.

Through these opposing characters he explores the depths of morality and duty based on consequence, as well as the pragmatism of the ego and the passions of the unconscious. In the classical play “Antigone” by Sophocles, two of the main characters are sisters, Antigone and Ismene. The pair get into plenty of trouble, and are alike and different in througout the story.

They are the daughters of the previous king, Oedipus. Essays; Antigone compare and contrast; Antigone compare and contrast. 8 August Antigone was in all the conflicts, which include, Antigone vs.

Creon, Antigone vs. Ismene, Antigone vs. society, and Antigone vs.

Antigone vs. Juliet

herself. In all conflicts showed feminism. In the conflict, Antigone vs. Creon, there was feminism, when Creon asked Antigone if what she did was true and she replied, “I do, I deny nothing,” (Sophocles Prologue 52). In the play Antigone, written by the Greek playwright Sophocles, the conflict of Polyneices' burial reveals the contrast between Antigone's strengths and Ismene's weaknesses, and also distinguishes their distinct conflicting values regarding the laws of the gods and the laws of the city.

Antigone vs ismene essays
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